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Vistaprint 50 off coupons for 2017

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How to Overcome Fear of CPAP or BiPAP

The problem in a nutshell: When it comes to using CPAP or BiPAP, claustrophobia amounts to anxiety about having the mask over one’s face, and anxiety about losing control over one’s own respiration due to the mask and the flow of pressurized air. The anxiety can range from trepidation to outright panic. Sometimes it generalizes to other areas of one’s life (e.g., enclosed spaces such as elevators), and sometimes it’s restricted to having something over one’s face. And it can either be rooted in a traumatic experience (e.g., wearing a gas mask during threatening military operations) or without obvious precedent. We all have a degree of adaptive anxiety about having our airways obstructed, and the irony of claustrophobia with CPAP is that the machine is meant to prevent such obstruction, but can nonetheless provoke our natural anxieties because it entails placing a mask over our noses (and sometimes mouths) and altering normal breathing.

Should you seek professional help or use the techniques offered here? It is actually fairly straightforward to treat claustrophobia, and I will explain an approach for milder cases here. If, however, your problem is severe, I would recommend that you skip the technique and instead seek professional help. With a skilled clinician you can expect to use a tried and true technique called “exposure therapy” in which you construct a “hierarchy” of increasingly anxiety-provoking situations (perhaps ranging from merely looking at pictures of a CPAP machine to using it all night long). Each step on the hierarchy would ordinarily provoke more distress than the previous step, but by taking your time with the first step until it ceases to upset you, and then very gradually and progressively exposing yourself to each step in turn until it ceases to upset you, the steps will feel more or less similar to one another, and you will soon be able to handle the hardest step. More info here soclean CPAP cleaner and sanitizer machine.

Some clinics are also equipped with virtual-reality technology so that you can, say, “be inside” a realistic elevator without having to travel with your therapist to a real elevator that others need to use, and so that the intensity and particulars of the environment can be well controlled and customized to your needs. Treatment usually also includes a “cognitive” component, meaning you learn the facts about the situation you fear and have the opportunity to challenge false assumptions about it, as well as learn how anxiety can temporarily distort thinking. In the case of CPAP, this could mean learning why it is impossible to suffocate with the machine on, why you would wake to remove the mask (rather than suffocating) if there were a power failure, and how having a panic attack with the machine on is not dangerous and is transitory. You would also remind yourself of things you already know, such as how you are always in control of whether you have the mask on and how no one will force you to use the machine. You might additionally be taught relaxation techniques to help moderate your anxiety.

Self-help measures for milder claustrophobia: The same basic principles of mastery of anxiety through exposure and challenging false assumptions apply when one is treating one’s own, milder claustrophobia, but here you can be a little more flexible in your approach, a little more makeshift with materials. You also don’t necessarily need to construct a formal hierarchy (though if you do, each step should be about ten “units” more distressing than the previous step on a 100-point scale, and your final step should be about a 100). Also, you can play a little fast and loose with the traditional approach to exposure to suit your own preferences. For example, you may choose to moderate the intensity of any given step by using distraction (e.g., reading, watching TV, doing a crossword puzzle) during the exposure at first, and gradually moving toward full attention to the anxiety-provoking situation over the course of several minutes or several days (you decide on the pacing as long as you’re neither failing to progress nor overwhelming yourself).

So what progression should you use for exposure? You get to decide. Here are some ideas for various stages to get you started: looking at the machine, writing about what you imagine it would be like to wear the mask, looking at pictures of someone else using the machine, asking someone you know who does use CPAP or BiPAP to let you watch them use it for awhile (maybe even during sleep), asking them questions about what it feels like and whether they have fears about it, wearing the mask with the machine on (at lowest pressure) for just a few seconds, breathing through a swim snorkel around the house, using a snorkel in a swimming pool or the bathtub, wearing a dust mask or surgical mask around the house for increasing periods of time, taking a nap with the dust mask on, using CPAP while watching TV for increasing periods of time, lying down in your bed with it on for five minutes while listening to the radio, etc. Ultimately you want to work toward 30 minutes of continuous, anxiety-free use, preferably without distraction, at which point you can begin the adaptation routine here to progress toward all-night use, starting with Stage 2 of that routine.

You should set aside up to 30 minutes every day, one session per day, for exposure. If your first step is just to have the mask and machine on for 30 seconds, then see whether you can repeat the 30-second exposures several times during the 30 minutes, using plenty of soothing and encouraging self-talk throughout. But if you do two 30-second run-throughs, and feel very satisfied with that accomplishment, be happy with your partial victory and come back the next day to do a little more (still 30 seconds at a time, but with more repetitions). Your motto can be, “A little bit is better than none at all.” You will know you’re ready to move on to the next step when the current one no longer distresses you.

Why exposure helps, and how to deal with the anxiety it raises: Psychologists used to think “counterconditioning” was the key to overcoming phobias, that if you could be deeply relaxed during exposure to phobic stimuli, the stimuli would increasingly become associated with relaxation rather than anxiety over time. But many researchers are now of the opinion that the key to recovery is being present enough to see the stimulus for what it really is, without all the imagined bogeymen that accompany those things we avoid. Deep relaxation needn’t even be a component of the treatment (in fact, some clinics use “flooding,” in which one is exposed to one’s most feared situation without benefit of a gradual hierarchy beforehand). Once we see for ourselves that the experience isn’t dangerous, and also see for ourselves that we, personally, have what it takes to handle the situation and our own anxiety about it, it ceases to be frightening. A useful analogy is the childhood fear of inoculations. It’s hard to experience the raw sensations associated with a shot, to really experience that which frightens us on its own terms, when our terror puts us into an all-out state of panic. But if at about age 12 we decide just to see what it is we’ve been phobic of all this time, and we calm ourselves enough to focus on the sensations accompanying the shot without all the distracting anxiety taking over, we see that it hurts a little, and that we can handle the pain. Thereafter we’re not anxious. So when you use exposure therapy to treat your claustrophobia with CPAP or BiPAP, work toward being as present as possible for the raw sensations associated with using the machine, and present as well for yourself, using soothing and encouraging language to comfort the person who is bravely enduring the exposure. And by all means know that the machine cannot in reality hurt you or stop you from breathing. If you have any doubts about that, pepper your physician or respiratory technician with as many questions as you need to be assured of that fact.

When you undertake exposure, it’s not realistic at the start of each stage to be free of anxiety. Freedom from anxiety is the end point of each stage, not the starting point. Anxiety is not an argument that you can’t handle what you’re doing; rather, it’s a normal reaction to a phobic stimulus, and a sign that you are rising to a challenge. But even outright panic is not a sign of danger, just of extreme anxiety. (Indeed, part of the treatment for panic disorder involves intentionally bringing on panic attacks to see that they are survivable, recede on their own, and are not dangerous.) You can achieve mastery with less suffering if you choose steps that make you uncomfortably anxious but not outright panicky, but you needn’t fear panic.

What to do if you are anxious in general: If you run anxious in general, consider learning the rudiments of meditation (best practiced regularly), self-hypnosis or bodily relaxation so that you feel some control over your own anxiety level in general, and so that you naturally come to feel more relaxed at baseline. Attending to stress in day-to-day life also really matters. Doing so can be harder when you are sleeping poorly due to untreated apnea (another reason to try to conquer the claustrophobia), but exercise, quiet time for yourself, support from those who care about you, doing things just for fun, and self-care in all its stripes are marvelous ways to lower your vulnerability to anxiety and make you more stress-hardy. And finally, learn some good tools for working with particular anxious thoughts by reading excellent books on the topic (e.g., David Burns’s When Panic Attacks or Robert Leahy’s The Worry Cure) or by seeking professional help.

Car Alarm Systems Made Easy

Car theft is a serious issue; 3 cars a minute are stolen or broken into in the United States alone. This has put a lot of pressure on the manufacturers of car security systems to innovate and improve the range of tactics used to deter criminals from car-related crime.

It isn’t surprising that car thieves are also keen to stay ahead of the pack, and many clever thieves devote their time to finding new ways to outwit car alarm manufacturers. But is it really too easy for a car thief to evade a quality car alarm system?

A basic car alarm is simply a continuous circuit; when a door is opened forcefully, the circuit is broken and the familiar siren is activated. More recent car alarms are based around a set of sensors which can detect small vibrations and which activate the alarm in response to any unreasonable pressure or force. If there is any major disturbance to the vehicle, like someone attempting to break in, shock sensors cause the siren to go off.

Sometimes you can tell what has happened to the car just by listening to the alarm; a low-impact incident will often sound a sharp beeping pattern, while a serious security breach often sets off a long, blaring alarm. The shock sensors used in these car alarms are incredibly sensitive and can often be activated by something simple, like a passer-by leaning on your hood, or even by the ground vibrations caused by other cars in enclosed spaces like car parks.

There is consensus as to whether or not car alarms are effective in deterring thieves. Because sl500 car covers -based alarms are prone to sound accidentally, many people have become immune to their effects. The terrible wail of the car alarm has become so common that people barely notice them these days.

Manufacturers have responded to this concern by pouring their efforts into the expedient development of new alarms systems that deter auto theft proactively. This new generation of alarms relies on new technology to send tracking information to authorities and owners, allowing them to track stolen vehicles and even disable stolen vehicles remotely.

Razer Naga Hex

Another mouse from Razer is on this list. This one is Naga Hex, is specially designed for MOBA and MMO gaming. On the side there are buttons made making easier playing Leauge of Legends and World of Warcraft. Your performance will improve because due to this mouse. Razer company has proved his ability to design and produce high quality gaming devices. They are at the top when it comes to mice.


His beautifull design is a big deal. is perfect for medium hands, just fits great in the hand. But, this mouse is extremely sensitive so youll need some time to get used to it. It is black on the sides and black-green in the middle. This black green shimmer and has some 3D effect due to the green parts.In the middle of the mouse is Razers intense green logo. Besides 6 buttons for gaming, this mouse has main buttons, scroll wheel and back and forward buttons for surfing. His former model had 12 buttons, so Naga Hex has six less, which is better solution.

Razer Naga Hex


His price is 79,99$ and that is rather cheap for this kind of performance. It comes with 5 600 DPI which is impressive. The Naga Hex works with Razer Synapse 2.0, that is a customization dashboard which can configure your mouse, adjust the DPI sensitivity and acceleration, map buttons and then download these settings to any computer that has Synapse installed. On the sides are 6 buttons, and in the middle are two main buttons and a scroll wheel. This six buttons on the side are in shape of hexagon and they are numbers from 1 to 6. At the beginning there are slight problems pressing them, but when you get used to it isnt problem at all.

Best Reasons to Date Rich Woman

I believe a man prides himself in many things. Especially when it comes to his life and personal success, I am sure he wants to make sure that he can accomplish many things in life that he could be proud of. When it comes to dating and love, I know that most men also want to have the best woman that they could find. It also wouldn’t hurt they happened to date rich woman. I believe that anybody would love a chance to meet millionaires. The best part of it would be if they even got the chance to date and eventually marry millionaires.

If the persons’ motives are right, it not just about the money of course, but having a lot of money can also be helpful in so many ways. So, in this article let us focus on the men as well as the best reasons why men should date rich woman. Let us go back to the basics in dating. First would be the motivation. Most people date because they would like to find a lifetime partner.

Then there is the motive to date, just for the fun of it. Once you can establish yourself on your primary reason for dating, then I think that you can understand more clearly the following reasons on why to date rich women.

First is they are successful. Now I know that some men can be easily intimidated by a woman’s success. It doesn’t seem to be the natural order of things when a woman is makes more money or is more successful than the man. But in our world today, that is just how it is. So you could either be the man who can handle it or not. Successful women are usually found to be more confident and outgoing. You can clearly see what kind of person they are see what they expect straight on. You won’t normally see them going around the bush as to what they really want.

Second reason is they know when and when not to be aggressive. Most wealthy women have some form of leadership skills instilled in them especially if they made their money through business or other means requiring people. When – kik usernames date them, you can usually see when they want to aggressive about a certain thing or just be passive about it. Even when it comes to your own relationship, they will show this kind of manner.

Third reason is they are women who want to be loved and feel secure in a man. No matter how much wealth a woman can attain, she will still long for a person she can share her life with; not to mention her wealth with. Although money can be friendly, rich women still need someone who will be there for them and just simply love them. There are so many other reasons why we can date these women. However, I would say these are the top three reasons to do so.

The perfect diet? | More Than Fuel

Low carb (Atkins, Dukan), low fat, Paleo, intermittent fasting, tea detox. No matter which diet you choose, they all employ slightly different tricks to achieve the same thing: reducing the number of calories you are eating. The problem is that while many of these are super successful at achieving weight loss in the short term, they may not be so effective at maintaining that weight loss over the long term.

There is no magic diet that will make the weight just fall off and you can almost guarantee that if someone promises they can make you lose 20 kgs in 4 weeks with no effort all they are probably serving up is a big bowl full of bullshit. The fact of the matter is that all diets are basically the same at their heart: in order to lose weight an individual need to eat less, move more or a combination of the two.

Research has shown a large proportion of dieters, some studies have estimated over 75%, regain some or all of the weight they have lost once they are no longer on the diet. As someone who has ridden the yo-yo diet roller coaster for too long, How to reheat steak can definitely relate!

Why don’t diets work?1. Many diets are too restrictive, expensive or inconvenient for long term adherence.

I don’t know about you, but I find the preparation and forethought required to stick to any number of popular diets very cumbersome. Sometimes you just want to to go out with friends and be able to order off the menu or enjoy some party treats instead of snacking on a baggy of hard boiled eggs. Sometimes the idea of paying $50 a kilo for grass-fed steak or $40 a day for meal replacement shakes is just a bit rich. Labeling foods as forbidden can also lead you to binge on those exact foods. By not allowing yourself to have small amounts, the cravings can build until you lose all self control and consume far too much.

Most of us will come to a point where we have just had jack of it and go off plan. The more restrictive a diet, the more likely and further off plan you are likely to go. In my case, this type of behaviour lead to an eating disorder.2. Prolonged reduced caloric intake can result in hormonal shifts that result in higher than normal appetite.

Research from the University of Melbourne has suggested that when people go on prolonged low calorie diets their brain releases increased levels of ghrelin, our hunger hormone, and lower levels of leptin, our hunger suppressing and metabolism boosting hormone, for up to a year after the diet ends. This means that participants felt hungrier and consumed more for a significant period even after they went back to ‘normal eating’, regaining most of the weight they lost on the diet.

So if diets don’t work, how do I lose weight and keep it off?

Unfortunately, there is no easy solution (if there was no one would be overweight), but realistically any diet that sounds too good to be true probably is.  When it comes to obtaining and maintaining a healthy weight, slow and steady wins the race. Don’t get me wrong, if you want to lose weight you will most likely need to eat less than you are now, but this does not mean you need to go on some extreme diet that cuts out all the food you love.

I am a big fan of the idea of flexible dieting where no foods are considered off limits. The majority of your week should be made up of healthy whole grains, full fat dairy, animal proteins, vegetables, nuts and fruit, but if you feel like a treat or have a special occasion coming up, you are free to enjoy those. One bad meal won’t make you fat, just as one good meal won’t make you lean. Even small changes such as having dessert a few less times a week or reducing your portion sizes by 25% can have you well on your way.

In conclusion, the best diet is one that you can maintain happily. Food (or the lack thereof) shouldn’t be a punishment. Each individual needs to experiment with all the information that is out there and find what works for them in the long term. If that happens to be Atkins, Paleo or whatever, then more power to you, but for most of us we need something a bit more flexible.