Building A Garage Gym

When I was a bit younger I wanted nothing more than my own gym to work out in in peace and quiet but I didn’t have the space until I move into a bigger house which had a huge double garage and seeing as I cycled everywhere I didn’t need it so I went about setting up my own gym for me and a select few friends, although they did have to contribute if they wanted to use it. Firstly I needed to get some great equipment and after having worked out for a few years I believe that golds gym equipment is some of the best out there and has a name that is synonymous with greatness.

I couldn’t really afford everything I wanted so I needed to buy second hand equipment which is fairly easy if you know where to look, My favourite place to look is eBay as I usually find lots of bargains in there under the health section. I simply typed in “golds gym equipment for sale” to see what would come up and I found loads of gear in there.

I bought a lot of the equipment I felt would give me a good workout and work every muscle area in my body, I also added other equipment such as mirrors which are a must and personal gym wear such as the right kind of clothing and weight lifting gloves It took around 6 months to get completed but when it was it was superb, we had a little stereo in there blasting out tunes as we worked out and I ended up with around 20 people using it regularly and it was great having a little team of supporters when your working out hard. Of course being in a gym and working around professionals is the best substitute but back then I couldn’t really afford it.